Registering for regular and one off direct deduction arrangement

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Sign up to become an Income Management organisation. Call Freecall™ 1800 039 417, or email for more information.

Note: calls to '1800' numbers from your home phone are free. Calls from public and mobile phones may be timed and charged at a higher rate.

You can register your business to receive income managed funds via direct credit through an Income Management contract. There are 2 contracts, a Schedule 4 and a Schedule 5.

Schedule 4 contract

You should apply for a Schedule 4 [docx 29kb] contract if you provide services that will assist customers to meet their Income Management priority needs. For example, service providers such as utility providers, landlords, community housing organisations and childcare providers.

Schedule 5 contract

You should apply for a Schedule 5 [docx 36kb] contract if you provide goods that will assist customers to meet their Income Management priority needs. For example, food stores such as supermarkets and bakeries, community stores, furniture stores and pharmacies.

Once your business is registered, you can receive funds from us on behalf of customers directly into your bank account. Income managed customers can request to have regular scheduled payments or one off payments made to your organisation or business through this facility.

How to register

Before you start

Download and read the policy relating to Income Management contracts on the Department of Social Services website.

You can also contact the Income Management and BasicsCard Merchant Helpdesk on Freecall™1800 039 417 or email for more information about which schedule you should apply for.

Read the Income Management Deductions – Service Delivery and Compliance Guidelines [docx 43kb]. These guidelines outline the processes we follow when:

  • assessing whether an organisation is eligible to participate in the Income Management Deduction Program
  • managing Income Management Deduction Contracts
  • conducting audits and compliance reviews of participants, and
  • terminating Income Management Deduction Contracts

Download and read the Department of Human Services Business Terms and Conditions. This document set the contract terms which apply to both us and your organisation if approved as an Income Management participant.

Download and read the Income Management Terms and Conditions for the schedule you are applying for: Schedule 4 [docx 29kb] or Schedule 5 [docx 36kb].

Register options

Register to become an Income Management organisation by:

Submit your application

Fax your Business Application, User Details and Centrelink Deduction Report requirements forms to us on 1300 727 760.

Application outcome

If you are approved as an Income Management Schedule 4 or Schedule 5 participant, you will receive an Approval Letter from your state or territory account manager.

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