Corporate publications and resources

We offer a range of publications designed to provide information on our activities and finances.

A guide to Australian Government payments
A publication that provides payment rate information for Centrelink payments.

Annual reports
A report on activities for the Department of Human Services (includes Child Support), Centrelink and Medicare.

The budget statement and measures for the department.

Child Support Guide
The department's online technical and policy guide to the administration of the child support scheme.

Co-Design Community Engagement Prototype Outcomes Report
A report on how the Australian Government Department of Human Services can join with other levels of government and non-government organisations to deliver better services to the community and individuals.

Co-design with customers is vital to Service Delivery Reform [January—March 2011]
Ms Lynelle Briggs, CEO, Medicare Australia has co-authored an article with Dr Don Lenihan, of the Public Policy Forum in Ottawa, Canada.

Compliance Program 2013-15
The Compliance Program outlines key compliance activities the Department of Human Services will undertake for the 2013-14 and 2014-15 financial years.

Delivering Services to Multicultural Australia 2013-2015 Multicultural Servicing Strategy and DHS Agency Multicultural Plan
Underpinned by our pre-existing Multicultural Servicing Strategy, Delivering Services to Multicultural Australia firmly re-establishes our long-term commitment to solving the issues surrounding effective and tailored multicultural servicing.

Enterprise agreements
Department of Human Services staff are currently covered by the following two separate agreements. Medical Officers within the Department of Human Services are not included in the Department of Human Services Enterprise Agreement 2011 - 2014 and will continue to be covered by the Medicare Australia (Medical Officers) Collective Agreement 2008 - 2011 until a new Agreement has been implemented for them.

Environmental policy
The Australian Government has implemented a range of environmental policies to minimise the impact of government operations on the environment. The Department of Human Services supports these Government commitments.

Family and Domestic Violence Strategy
The Department of Human Services (the department) recognises that family and domestic violence is a widespread issue which has a serious impact on the community, the workplace, families and individuals.

Information relating to procurement procedures, tendering and contracts.

Legal services expenditure
A statement of legal services expenditure published in accordance with Legal Services Directions 2005.

Information about the Protocol for Lightweight Authentication of Identity (PLAID) smartcard authentication protocol.

Privacy Policy
The department’s Privacy Policy contains detailed information about how we collect, use, disclose and store your personal information, and how to lodge requests and complaints.

Reconciliation Action Plan
Launched in March 2012, our Reconciliation Action Plan replaces the previously separate Centrelink, Medicare Australia and Child Support Agency Reconciliation Action Plans.

Reports to parliament
The department is required to publish information held that is routinely provided to the Parliament in response to requests and orders from the Parliament.

Statistical information and data
Information and data on social and health-related payments and services is available online.

Strategic Plan 2012-16
The Strategic Plan 2012–16 outlines the path forward for the Department of Human Services. The plan describes the focus, priorities and commitments necessary to achieve our goals.

What you told us
A summary report on Australians’ concerns with how we deliver services and their suggestions for improvement.

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2011-15
The Department of Human Services is focused on creating workplaces that are accessible and inclusive for all staff. Our approach is contained in the Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2011-15.