Register online to access Centrelink services

Accessing your Centrelink account online is a secure and convenient way to do your business with us.

Step 1

Go to the Department of Human Services website.

Step 2

Click on ‘Register’ on the top right hand side of the homepage.

Screenshot displaying Log on button on the top right hand side of the page with Register link underneath

Step 3

Click on the Green ‘Register’ button under the heading ‘Centrelink customers’ and have your Customer Reference Number (CRN) handy.

Screenshot displaying Green Register button under the heading Centrelink customers

Step 4

Select 'My CRN is'. Type in your CRN and click on tick box below to confirm that the CRN you have provided is your own.

Then select ‘Continue’.

Screenshot displaying CRN entry screen

Step 5

To confirm your identity, you will be asked questions in relation to your Centrelink record. Please have a recent letter, bank statement and your concession card handy.

Select ‘Start now’.

Screenshot displaying Begin registration screen

Step 6

Answer the ‘Identify Yourself’ questions and then select ‘Continue’.

Screenshot displaying Identify Yourself’ questions

Step 7

Answer as many of ‘Prove Who You Are’ questions as possible. The more questions that you answer the higher the level of access you will achieve.

Once completed select ‘Continue’.

Screenshot displaying Prove Who You Are questions

Step 8

The ‘Progress update’ page will tell you what level of access you have received. This determines what services you can use.

Please read the information and select the ‘Continue’ button.

Screenshot displaying Progress update

Step 9

To access your Centrelink online account you will need to set a password. Enter the password you would like to use. Confirm it by entering the password again, then select the ‘Continue’ button.

Screenshot displaying new password entry screen

Step 10

As an extra security measure you will need to create at least 5 secret questions and answers. You will be asked secret questions when you logon to your Centrelink online account and also if you have forgotten your password. For your security choose secret questions and answers that only you would know.

Once all 5 questions are completed select ‘Continue’.

Screenshot displaying secret questions and answers completed

Screenshot displaying secret questions and answers completed

Step 11

You also have the option of accessing many self service features over the phone. You can choose to register for Phone Self Service using a PIN (Personal Identification Number) or speaker verification (voice recognition).

Make your choice then select the ‘Continue’ button.

Screenshot displaying access method screen

Step 12

If you choose not to register for phone services proceed to Step 13.

If you have chosen to register for Phone Self Service you will be asked to select a PIN. Enter the PIN you would like to use, confirm it by entering it again, then select the ‘Continue’ button.

Screenshot displaying PIN entry screen

Step 13

To complete your registration you will need to read and accept the Conditions of Use.

Select the "Yes (accept)" button and then click on "Continue".

Screenshot displaying conditions of use acceptance screen

Step 14

Your registration is now complete. Read the details on this page carefully. Note your Customer Access Number (CAN), as you will need this to access your Centrelink online account.

Scroll down and select the ‘Logon now’ button to use your Centrelink online account.

Screenshot displaying registration complete

Step 15

To start using your Centrelink online account, enter your Customer Access Number (CAN) and your password.

Select the ‘Logon’ button.

Screenshot displaying your Online Services logon page

Step 16

Answer your secret question and select the ‘Continue’ button.

Screenshot displaying secret question and answer entry

Step 17

You are back to your Centrelink online account homepage, from here you are ready to start accessing your Centrelink account online.

Remember to log off from your Centrelink online account when you are finished.

Log out screen

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