Claiming the Child Care Rebate

Before you start

Check if you are eligible for this payment before you start your claim.

Child Care Rebate is different to Child Care Benefit. It is important to remember that Child Care Rebate is not income tested.

To receive Child Care Rebate you need to claim Child Care Benefit for approved child care. You don't need to lodge a separate claim for Child Care Rebate. You will automatically be assessed when you claim Child Care Benefit for approved care.

In some cases you may be assessed as being eligible for Child Care Benefit, but not actually be entitled to any payment because your income is too high. We call this the 'zero rate' of Child Care Benefit. If you are assessed at the zero rate, you may still get Child Care Rebate.

Child Care Estimator

You can use the Child Care Online Estimator to find out about the child care assistance that you may be entitled to receive, based on your circumstances.

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