Payment rates for Disability Support Pension

The payment rates for Disability Support Pension are updated on 20 March and 20 September each year for those over 21 or under 21 with children. The rates are updated on 1 January of each year for those under 21 without children.

The rate of Disability Support Pension may be affected by your or your partner’s income and assets.

Maximum payment rates of the Disability Support Pension if you are over 21, or under 21 with childrenMaximum rate per fortnight
A member of a couple$577.40 each or
$1,154.80 combined
Couple separated due to ill health$766.00 each
If you are under 21 with no childrenMaximum rate per fortnight
single, under 18, at home$345.00
single, under 18, independent$532.60
single, 18–20 years, at home$391.00
single, 18–20 years, independent$532.60
A member of a couple, up to age 20  $532.60

These amounts exclude the Pension Supplement, a fortnightly payment additional to the base pension. The maximum rates of Pension Supplement for singles over 21 and for each member of a couple over 21 separated due to ill health is $62.90 a fortnight, and for couples both over 21 is $94.80 a fortnight combined.

These amounts include the Youth Disability Supplement, a fortnightly payment additional to the base pension for persons under 21. The maximum rate of Youth Disability Supplement is $118.20 a fortnight.