Connections Interviews

Connections Interviews are a new way the Department of Human Services and Job Services Australia (JSA) providers are supporting job seekers who have trouble meeting participation and activity test requirements.

Selected job seekers will be required to attend compulsory Connections Interviews with their JSA provider and Human Services.

These joint meetings will result in a better shared understanding of the job seeker's circumstances, and help identify additional support to address job seeker's barriers to employment.

How Connections Interviews help

Connections Interviews provide additional support to those who have been unemployed for 12 months or more and are having difficulties meeting activity test or participation requirements.

Eligible job seekers can benefit through:

  • spending up to an hour in their initial interview with us and their JSA provider so that they can explain their situation in depth and tell their story once. This will allow us to better understand why they are finding it difficult to meet their Activity Test or participation requirements
  • where appropriate, discussing changes to their Employment Pathway Plan (EPP) to ensure it is tailored to their individual circumstances
  • direct referrals to training, work experience and volunteer activities, which can be made because JSA providers are included in the interviews
  • opportunities to overcome any barriers they may face, helping them on the pathway to employment

We will tell you if you need to attend a Connections Interview

You will be advised if you need to attend a Connections Interview by mail, or when you next visit a service centre. Connections Interviews are compulsory, and you must let us know beforehand if you cannot attend.

If you do not let us know beforehand, you may lose some or all of your payment, even if there is a good reason for not attending.