Eligibility for Rent Assistance

You may be able to get Rent Assistance if you:

  • receive a pension (special rules apply if you are aged under 21 and receive Disability Support Pension)
  • have dependent children and get more than the base rate of Family Tax Benefit
  • have care of a child between 14 and 35 per cent of the time and are not eligible for Family Tax Benefit but do meet other Family Tax Benefit requirements or both
  • receive an allowance or benefit (but don't have dependent children) and:
    • are over 25
    • have a partner or
    • are under 25 and living permanently or indefinitely apart from your parents or guardians

To receive Rent Assistance, you must also meet the residence requirements of your pension, allowance, or benefit.

Rent Assistance is generally not payable if you:

  • have a tenancy agreement (lease) with a state or territory housing authority
  • own or are buying the home in which you live (except for mobile and relocatable homes)
  • are a homeowner travelling away from your principal place of residence for less than 12 months
  • occupy an Australian Government–subsidised bed in an approved residential aged-care facility
  • have a partner who receives Rent Assistance with Family Tax Benefit or
  • are an allowee with a partner receiving Rent Assistance with his or her pension