Claiming Youth Allowance

Before you start

Check if you are eligible for this payment before you start your claim.

If you are a student or Australian Apprentice, you need to submit your claim for Youth Allowance online.

Job seekers are unable to claim online. Please see unable to claim online for instructions on how to claim Youth Allowance as a job seeker.

When you make a claim, we will ask you for information to assess if you are eligible. This may include your study details, income and assets and accommodation circumstances. If you have a partner, we will also ask you questions about their details and circumstances.

If you are studying or planning to study full-time, undertaking a full-time Australian Apprenticeship you can lodge your claim up to 13 weeks before you start your course or apprenticeship. We encourage you to lodge your claim as early as possible, so that it can be assessed and payment can start from the day you first become eligible.

You will need to have your bank account and tax file numbers nearby as you will be required to enter these details as part of your claim.

If you wish to claim Youth Allowance as an independent on the basis of being 22 years of age or over, you will need to commence your online claim when you turn 22 and not earlier. If you lodge your claim before you turn 22 we will assess you as a dependent person (unless you can demonstrate that you meet another independence criterion).

Watch the video to find out how to claim Youth Allowance using your Centrelink online account.

Begin a claim


Our online accounts are a secure, convenient and easy way to start a claim for Youth Allowance. Once you have completed your claim online, bring the supporting documents requested on the claim form to a service centre within 14 days.

If you already have a Centrelink online account

You can log on to your Centrelink online account using your Customer Access Number (CAN) and password. Select Apply for a Payment then Make a Claim from the menu to start your claim.

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Select an account

If you do not have a Centrelink online account

If you have a Customer Reference Number (CRN) then you can complete your registration now.

If you do not have a CRN you will receive a Customer Access Number (CAN) to get you started.


Unable to claim online

If there are reasons you cannot claim online, for example you do not have internet access, or you are a Jobseeker, you can call us to start your claim.

Submit your claim

Online claims are submitted electronically at the end of the process.

Provide supporting forms and documentation

When you are completing your claim you will be told as you go if any additional documents or forms are required with your claim. We will tell you at the end of the process if you need to provide any supporting documents such as proof of identity.

After we receive your claim we will contact you if we need any further information. We are unable to finalise your claim until we receive all of your supporting documentation.

Claim outcome

We will inform you whether your claim is successful.

You always have the right to appeal any decision we make. Read more about reviews and appeals.