Change of circumstances that affect your child support

It is important you tell us as soon as possible if your circumstances change to make sure your details and child support assessment are accurate.

If you don’t tell us when your circumstances change you may not receive important information, payments to you may be delayed, or you might have to pay more child support or pay back child support that you have been paid.

Changes you need to tell us about include:

  • your contact details
    • postal address
    • telephone numbers
    • email address if you have one
  • your bank account details
    • bank account name
    • bank account number
    • BSB number
  • your income
    • if you get a job and your assessment is based on an estimate of income
    • if you lose your job, an estimate of income may be an option
    • if you change jobs and your income changes for the remainder of the financial year
    • if your current income increases or decreases and your assessment is based on an estimate of income

Your child support payments may change if you, the other parent or your children move overseas. Read more about child support if parents or children live overseas.

We may be able to adjust your child support assessment if you believe your child support assessment does not reflect your current situation. We can update your assessment under special circumstances.

Read more about changing your child support assessment in special circumstances.

Changes to your children's circumstances while receiving child support

You also need to tell us if your children's details change to make sure your details and assessment are accurate. You need to tell us if:

  • your child is turning 18 and is still at secondary school
  • you and the other parent decide to reconcile
  • there is a change in the the amount of care you have of your child
  • you have a child with another partner
  • your child becomes legally adopted
  • you and the other parent have another child together and want this child included in your child support assessment
  • your child marries or starts to live in a de facto or marriage-like relationship
  • a parent or child included in the child support assessment dies

You reconcile and you have a child support assessment

If you and the other parent decide to get back together we can suspend a child support arrangement for 6 months.

If you or the other parent have another child support assessment with someone else, the children who are living with you will be treated as relevant dependent children in that assessment.

Read more about child support assessments with second families.

If you separate again

If you separate again within 6 months and the receiving parent did not already choose to end the assessment, either parent can reinstate the assessment by simply telling us you have separated again. The paying parent will start child support payments again from the new date of separation.

If your previous assessment was ended you will need to take reasonable action to obtain child support within 13 weeks of separating in order to receive more than the base rate of Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A. This is done by applying for a child support assessment. If you don't do this within 13 weeks of separating, your FTB Part A may be affected.

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