Estimating your child support payments

We have a range of tools available online to help you estimate what your child support payments might be.

Child support and Family Tax Benefitestimator – can give you an estimate of how much child support you might pay or receive or the amount of Family Tax Benefit you might receive. Or, if you have less than 35% care of your children the estimator can give you an estimate of the amount of rent assistance you might receive.

Child support worksheets - some parents and non-parent carers may not be able to use the child support calculator or the child support and Family Tax Benefit estimator. You may be able to use the following worksheets to estimate your child support payments.

Worksheet for parents who have two or more child support assessments

Follow these steps if you or the other parent have 2 or more child support cases. When you have calculated this amount, transfer it to the basic formula worksheet.