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Create a myGov account to access a range of government online services including Medicare, Centrelink and Child Support with one username and password.

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Centrelink customers have the option of registering directly for a Centrelink online account or through their myGov account, unless you are using Express Plus apps or do not have a CRN.

A translated guide for registering for a Centrelink online account is available in Arabic, Chinese, Karen, Persian (Farsi) and Vietnamese.

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How to create a myGov account

Watch our demonstration videos about how to create a myGov account or follow these steps:

  1. go to the myGov website
  2. accept the terms of use
  3. fill in your account details
  4. create a password and three secret questions
  5. receive your username

If you already have an online account it is easy to link them to your myGov account.

If you don’t have any online accounts you can set them up through myGov in one simple process. You will be asked a number of questions to make sure myGov links the record that belongs to you. The questions are based on information that you have already given to the service and can include:

  • your Customer Reference Number (CRN) for Centrelink
  • your Medicare card
  • your Child Support Reference Number (CSRN)
  • your bank account details
  • the date of your last claim or payment, if any

Create a myGov account About myGov

Centrelink customers

Centrelink customers can register directly with a Centrelink online account or through a myGov account.

You should allow between five to 15 minutes to complete the process of registering for a Centrelink online account.

If you have a Customer Reference Number (CRN)

You can find your CRN on letters or cards Centrelink has sent to you. Enter your CRN to complete your registration for a Centrelink online account.

If you do not have a Customer Reference Number (CRN)

If you want to complete an online claim you can start the registration process. You will receive a Customer Access Number (CAN) to complete your registration.

Watch our demonstration video about how to register for a Centrelink online account.

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