Reporting fraud

Each year millions of dollars in taxpayers' money is lost due to fraud against health and welfare services and payments.

The Australian Government Services Fraud Tip-off Line provides people with a place to report suspected fraud against Medicare, Centrelink and Child Support programs.

Most people are honest and use Government services fairly, but if you have information about someone who is misusing these services, please contact us.

You can remain anonymous, and the information you provide will assist in ensuring the services support those who really need them.

Call the Australian Government Services Fraud Tip-off Line on 131 524.

You can also report fraud directly relating to Medicare, Centrelink or Child Support.

Medicare fraud

Medicare fraud includes, but is not limited to:

  • making Medicare claims for services that were not provided
  • using someone else's Medicare card
  • using an invalid concession card
  • forging prescriptions for PBS medicines
  • making PBS claims for medicines that were not provided
  • swapping PBS prescription medicines for other pharmacy items or goods
  • taking or sending PBS medicine overseas that is not for your personal use or the personal use of someone travelling with you

To report suspected fraud, call 131 524 or fill out the Reporting suspected fraud (1980) form.

Suspected Diagnostic Imaging (DI) or pathology prohibited practice

You should report fraud if you are a requestor or provider of DI or pathology services and you have knowledge of prohibited conduct.

You can do so by phoning 131 524. You do not have to provide your personal details, though it will help us if you do.

Centrelink fraud

Centrelink fraud includes, but is not limited to:

  • someone receiving a Centrelink payment who is not declaring their income from employment, a business, a rental property, or another source
  • carers receiving a payment who do not have care for a child or an adult
  • a person receiving multiple payments under multiple names, which is identity fraud
  • if a person dies and their Centrelink payment continues to be received by another person
  • someone overstating an injury or medical condition to claim payments
  • a person misusing or claiming an Australian Government Disaster Relief Payment falsely
  • a person living as a member of a couple with someone and they have not advised Centrelink of this, and/or
  • people receiving payments for study who are no longer attending an educational facility or have reduced attendance hours

When providing information it is important to give as much detail as possible including full name, date of birth, address details and specifics about the allegation.

To report a suspected fraud, fill out the Centrelink reporting fraud form, call the Australian Government Services Fraud Tip-off Line on 131 524 or visit a Centrelink Service Centre near you.

Child Support fraud

Child Support fraud includes (but is not limited to):

  • Child Support customers who are living together in a ‘marriage like relationship’ but claim to be separated.
  • employers failing to deduct an amount from paying parent’s salary or wage or failing to forward an amount that has been deducted.
  • a parent earning money ‘cash-in-hand’ and not declaring it
  • impersonating a Child Support officer.
  • evidence a parent is working but not reporting their full income
  • someone claiming child support who no longer has the child/ren living with them

To report fraud relating to Child Support, you can contact us directly on 131 272 or fill out the Child Support reporting fraud form

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