Reporting fraud

The Fraud tip off line provides people with a place to report suspected fraud against Medicare, Centrelink and Child Support programs.

Australian Government Services Fraud tip off line

Most people are honest and use government services fairly, but if you have information about someone who is misusing these services, please let us know.

Fill out the online fraud reporting form or call the Fraud tip off line on 131 524.

You can remain anonymous and the information you provide may assist in ensuring the services support those who really need them.

We cannot tell you the outcome and you may not be aware of changes we make. However, we assess all information provided and take action as appropriate.

You can report fraud directly relating to Medicare, Centrelink or Child Support.

Medicare fraud

Medicare fraud includes:

  • making Medicare claims for services that were not provided
  • using someone else's Medicare card
  • using an invalid concession card
  • forging prescriptions for PBS medicines
  • making PBS claims for medicines that were not provided
  • swapping PBS prescription medicines for other pharmacy items or goods
  • taking or sending PBS medicine overseas that is not for your personal use or the personal use of someone travelling with you

To report suspected fraud, call 131 524 or fill out the Reporting suspected fraud form.

Suspected Diagnostic Imaging (DI) or pathology prohibited practice

Call 131 524 to report fraud if you are a requestor or provider of DI or pathology services and you have knowledge of prohibited conduct. You do not have to provide your personal details, though it will help us if you do.

Centrelink and Child Support fraud

We take allegations of fraud against Centrelink and Child Support very seriously.

We have sophisticated capability to detect and investigate frauds including:

  • data matching with government agencies, financial institutions and private entities to detect undisclosed earnings, assets, identity frauds;
  • the application of advanced data analytic techniques such as data mining to identify people who may be receiving incorrect payments; and,
  • optical surveillance, digital forensic and forensic accounting techniques

We also receive public tip offs through the Fraud tip off line. All reports made to us about potential fraudulent activity are assessed and we will investigate cases of dishonest or criminal behaviour.

People who break the law by abusing Australia’s welfare system will be caught and face serious consequences which include being prosecuted. Those people who are caught but not prosecuted will still be required to pay back any overpayments.

Not all incorrect payments result from fraud. Some incorrect payments result from accidental oversight, error or misunderstanding. However, any money paid in excess of entitlement must be repaid.

To report a suspected fraud call the Fraud tip off line on 131 524, visit a service centre or complete the:

You can make tip offs anonymously. When providing information it is important to be specific about the allegation by providing as much detail as possible.

Sometimes information provided does not result in a change. This can include situations where the:

  • person named in the information is not a recipient of Centrelink entitlements
  • person cannot be identified
  • information is not relevant to the entitlement the recipient is receiving
  • information is not accurate

We will assess the information you provide and act accordingly.

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