Place in Queue

The Department of Human Services is constantly looking at ways to improve the way we communicate with our customers to deliver better customer service.

Centrelink has set up a new call back service. This service gives you the choice to keep your place in the queue without waiting on the phone.

Benefits to you

  • Save money. Lower your mobile phone costs by not waiting on the line.
  • Save time. You can keep going with your day instead of waiting on the phone.

Who can access Place in Queue

You must be registered for Centrelink phone self service to keep your place in the queue.

Once registered, you can keep your place in the queue for the following Centrelink phone services:

Centrelink phone serviceAvailable for mobile and land line callers
Youth and StudentsMobile callers
Employment ServicesMobile and land line callers
Older AustraliansMobile and land line callers
ABSTUDYMobile and land line callers
Disability Sickness and CarersMobile and land line callers
Indigenous ServicesMobile and land line callers
Families and ParentingMobile and land line callers
Online Service SupportMobile and land line callers
Participation Solutions TeamMobile callers

How it works

If your expected call wait time is greater than 5 minutes, you will be asked to leave your details. When the call gets close to the front of the queue, Centrelink will call you back.

How do I get my place in the queue?

If you are receiving Centrelink payments you must:

  • be registered for phone self-service
  • call Centrelink's main phone services
  • enter your ID and PIN
  • have called between the hours of 8 am till 3 pm

Registering for Centrelink's phone self service

You can register for Centrelink's phone self-service:

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