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The aim of is to communicate our services by supporting an informed and engaged citizenry. Links to external websites are established and retained at our discretion. Without control, the number of external links on the website becomes difficult to maintain and audit appropriately.

We link to government (.gov), government funded (.org) or educational institutions (.edu) with a national focus. We source an alternative site that through its own primary sources, include pathways to community and state based organisation sites.

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  • provides official government information or services. Is it a .gov, .org or .edu website
  • complements existing information, products and services on
  • is accessible and applicable to a wide, national audience
  • has content that is relevant, useful and authoritative for citizens, businesses or other key stakeholders
  • has information that is authoritative and current

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  • immediately following the related paragraph using a bullet point
  • in a separate call out box to the right of the page on subject and news pages
  • at the end of the page under a sub heading Other information sources on subject and news pages or
  • as an item under the Resources tab on Service Directory pages, under the sub heading Other information sources

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