Australian Government rebate on Private Health Insurance

Reduces private health insurance costs for people eligible for Medicare, within income thresholds and with certain health funds.


Australian Government rebate on Private Health Insurance

Families and individuals who pay private health insurance premiums may be eligible for Australian Government rebates on private health insurance. If you are paying a registered hospital or general private health fund insurance, your costs may be reduced.

The rebate reduces the amount you pay for private health insurance. The rebate amount you get is based on the age of the oldest person covered by the policy and by annual earnings.

You must be covered by the policy and must be eligible for Medicare.

Rebate income tier amounts

The following tiers apply to the Australian Government rebate:

Read more about the rebate income tier amounts

Eligible private health fund members

Not all private health funds and private health insurance policies are eligible for Australian Government rebates. They are only available if you have a complying health insurance policy with a registered health fund or insurer. Check with your health fund to see if they are registered and if your private health insurance policy is eligible for the rebate.

Medicare levy surcharge

The Medicare levy surcharge is for people who earn an income over the Medicare levy surcharge threshold and who choose not to have private hospital health insurance. For more information about the Medicare levy surcharge, visit the Australian Taxation Office’s website.


Claiming the Australian Government rebate on Private Health Insurance

If you pay your premiums fortnightly, monthly, in yearly instalments or in advance, there are 2 ways to claim the Australian Government rebate on Private Health Insurance.

Read more about claiming


More information about the Australian Government rebate on Private Health Insurance

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The Private Health Insurance Administration Council lists the registered private health insurers under the Private Health Insurance Act 2007.

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