Assistance for farmers

A range of Australian Government payments, rebates and services are available to support farmers and rural small businesses. This assistance can help you with certain business costs, as well as the costs involved with looking after your family while you work.

Access to Australian Government services

We have over 580 Agents and Access Points offering a broad range of government services in rural, regional and remote communities. You can access Centrelink services, Medicare telephone claiming facilities and other government information. You can also use our computer, phone, fax and photocopier for your government and job-seeking needs.

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Our Mobile Service Centres travel to rural and regional communities with information and access to government services.

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Interim Farm Household Allowance

The Interim Farm Household Allowance replaces the Transitional Farm Family payment and is available to farm families from 1 March 2014.

The payment offers help for farm families experiencing financial hardship to meet basic household needs and improve the family’s long term financial security.

Assistance with shipping costs

There are Australian Government rebates available to help with certain shipping costs. The Tasmanian Wheat Freight Scheme provides assistance to shippers of bulk wheat transported by sea from the Australian mainland to Tasmania. The Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme helps reduce the freight costs imposed by Bass Strait. It helps shippers transport goods by sea between Tasmania and the Australian mainland, and between the main island of Tasmania and King Island and the Furneaux Group.

LPG Vehicle Scheme

The LPG Vehicle Scheme provides grants to people who want to convert their registered motor vehicle to LPG, or purchase a new vehicle fitted with LPG before its first registration.

Assistance for parents with children

The Paid Parental Leave scheme provides financial support to working parents. If your children were born or adopted on or after 1 January 2011, you may be eligible for Parental Leave Pay. If you have a baby or adopt a child on or after 1 January 2013, you or your partner could be eligible for Dad and Partner Pay.

For more options, read raising children payments.

Other government and community support services

There are a range of government and community organisations that provide support services and useful information you may find helpful.

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety or stress, you may find it helpful to talk to somebody about your situation.