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If you are leaving Australia to travel or to live in another country, you need to check how this might affect your Centrelink payments, health care and child support arrangements.

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Before you travel

Before you travel you need to:

  • check if you’re travelling to a country that has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia. You can get help with the cost of essential medical treatment in some countries under an agreement. This doesn't replace the need for private travel health insurance
  • take your current Medicare card with you
  • check the rules about travelling overseas with Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines
  • make sure the medicine is legal in the country you are travelling to
  • let us know if you plan to move or travel overseas if you get a Centrelink payment
  • pay your child support in full and on time
  • consider registering at
If you provide child support, you may need to talk to us about your child support arrangements before you leave Australia.
It’s illegal to take or send PBS medicine out of Australia that’s not for your own use or the personal use of someone travelling with you.

Centrelink payments

Australian Pension News

Information for people living outside Australia who get a payment from Centrelink. Read Australian Pension News now.

If you get a Centrelink payment and you plan to leave Australia, make sure you find out how your departure may affect your payment.

For more information about how your payment could be affected while you are outside Australia, go to Payments paid while outside Australia. This will help you plan your trip and give you information about what you may need to tell us.

Social security agreements with other countries

Australia has a number of social security agreements with other countries to share responsibility for social security payments. These agreements may help a person who has lived in Australia and one of these countries to claim certain payments from both countries. Agreements may also help a person continue to be paid certain payments when they move between agreement countries.

International Services can tell you whether an international social security agreement may be able to help you get an Australian payment or continue to receive your payment while outside Australia. They can also assist people in Australia to claim a payment from another country.