Child Support basics

Separation can be a confusing and difficult time for both parents and children. It can impact on the mental and emotional health as well as the financial position of both adults and children.

Help with your child support choices

We can help you with your child support choices, which are designed to work for both parents and non-parent carers (for example, grandparents, legal guardians or other family members) while maintaining the welfare and best interest of the children involved. We can also help with support services to assist with other aspects of separation.

Child support assessment

To work out the amount of child support to be paid, most separated parents get us to do a child support assessment using a basic formula. Some families have special circumstances we need to consider to make their assessment fair.

Child support agreement

A child support agreement is a written agreement on the amount of child support to be paid. If you and the other parent, or non-parent carer, can agree on how the children should be supported financially, you can ask us to accept your child support agreement.

Child support payment

If you are a separated parent you may make or receive payments to assist in supporting your child. There are a number of ways you can transfer child support, whether you live in Australia or overseas.

You can estimate your child support payments using our estimator.

Start the Payment

Estimate the percentage of care to help work out the amount of child support that you pay or receive.

Start the Care
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Change of circumstances that affect your child support

Changes to your situation can affect the arrangements you have in place. Be sure to tell us about any change of circumstances including changes to your care arrangements, to ensure your child support assessment is correct.

Child Support online accounts is a quick, easy and secure way to do your child support business where and when it suits you.

Child support while living outside Australia

Australia has arrangements for child support with a number of countries. If one parent lives or is intending to move outside Australia, we may still be able to collect and transfer child support payments for the benefit of your children.

Child support referral services

Separation brings with it many changes and it's important you seek support when you need it. We provide a range of referral services to help you manage your separation and child support needs.

Other government and community support services

There are a range of government and community organisations that provide support services and useful information you may find helpful.

MoneySmartThe MoneySmart website has information to help you make the most of your money. Visit the Divorce or separation section on the MoneySmart website.

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety or stress, you may find it helpful to talk to somebody about your mental health.