Concession and health care cards

Concession and health care cards can help you access cheaper health care services and medicines.

Types of concession and health care cards

The type of concession or health care card you can claim will depend on:

  • the type of income support payment you receive
  • your age
  • whether you have dependants and
  • other requirements

There are different types of concession and health care cards. Each card has its own eligibility requirements and concessions:

Concession cards from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs also issue their own concession cards to eligible veterans, former Australian Defence Force members and their dependents. Read more about the concession cards they issue on the Department of Veterans Affairs website.

Benefits and concessions

Having a concession or health care card gives you access to cheaper health care services and less expensive medicines. For example, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines will be cheaper, or free, once you reach the PBS Safety Net threshold.

Your partner and children may also be covered by the card if it relates to an income support payment.

If you have a Low Income Health Care Card your children may also be covered by the card.

In addition to Medicare services, concession cards can give you, your partner and dependants other concessions from state and local government authorities and private businesses.

Contact the state government health agency in your state for information on concessions available in your state or territory.

Digital concession cards

A digital concession card is available for eligible customers using the Digital Wallet on their Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

There may be circumstances where you should continue to use your physical card, but a digital concession card allows you to present your concession card using your smart device.

Read more about the Digital Wallet and Express Plus Centrelink mobile apps.

If you don't show your card

If you don't show your Medicare or concession card to the pharmacist, you may have to pay the full price for your PBS medicine.

You can ask your pharmacist for an official PBS refund receipt which is different to the sales docket. Complete and submit a PBS patient claim for refund form. The refund you get may not cover the full amount you paid for your medicine.

Going overseas

There are rules about using your concession and health care card outside of Australia.

Read more about payments while you are outside Australia.

Replacement cards

Lost or stolen cards can be replaced. A replacement card will be sent to you by mail. You can request a replacement card using your online account, self service, by calling us or by visiting your nearest service centre.

If you need a card urgently, you can get a temporary concession card at any service centre.