Applying to use Centrepay

To use Centrepay, Businesses must complete an application to be approved by us.

Step 1 – read our documents

Read the Centrepay Policy and Terms and Centrepay Procedural Guide for Businesses. These documents set out information you need to know and understand about Centrepay including:

  • what a Business should consider before applying
  • the essential criteria that a Business must meet
  • the requirements of Businesses approved to use Centrepay

Download the documents:

We cannot interpret the contract for you. For interpretation of the contract we recommend you seek independent legal advice.

Step 2 – application form

Download, read, and complete the The Department of Human Services Business Application - Centrepay form (SA389).

Step 3 – user details form

To complete your application you will need to provide details of at least one staff member of the Business who will be registered to access Centrelink Business Online Services (CBOS) for Centrepay by completing the SA445.

Download, read and complete the Business Online Services User details form (SA445).

If your application is approved, each additional staff member that requires access must be registered and sign a declaration in accordance with the security, privacy and confidentiality undertaking by completing the SA445 form.

Logon IDs and password details for each registered user will be provided separately.

Step 4 – submit forms

Once all the documentation is completed, you can fax or mail the Business Application (SA389), user details form (SA445) and any other attachments to us.


1300 727 760


Department of Human Services
Centrepay Services
Reply Paid
PO Box 7813
Canberra BC ACT 2610

Next steps

We may contact you to request further information in relation to your Business Application.

Once the Business Application has been assessed we will send you a letter advising of the outcome.

You will also be sent information to help you get started with Centrepay.

If you have questions about applying for Centrepay, call the Centrepay Helpdesk for Businesses, on Freecall™ 1800 044 063.

Page last updated: 9 December 2016

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