Staying Connected workplace program for separated dads

Staying Connected is a half day workplace program to help dads deal with separation. It is designed for businesses with more than 12 people.

Staying Connected’ is a half-day workplace program helping separated dads deal with separation. It is designed for companies with more than 12 employees or contractors.

We have partnered with the community and business sectors to develop and deliver the program which specifically targets separated dads in the workplace. We have trained facilitators to deliver it in workplaces across Australia.

Staying Connected runs for 3 hours and can be presented to groups of up to 16 separated dads in a workplace.

It provides useful information on where to go for help, how to communicate more effectively with the other parent, and practical tips on how to stay connected with their children after separation.

It covers:

  • looking after me - promoting help-seeking behaviour
  • me and the other parent - promoting a business-like relationship
  • me and my kids - tips and hints for staying connected with your kids post separation

Each participant comes away with a personal workbook that includes many tips and hints, plus the knowledge they are supported by their employer.

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