Medicare Compensation Recovery is going online!

The department is currently planning a new Medicare Compensation Recovery System to automate the compensation recovery process for industry and claimants.

The new system will allow industry to meet legislated obligations through portal technology allowing the creation of cases, the management of cases, the provision of history statements and the completion of cases all online.

The anticipated design of the new system allows for the production of a valid Notice of Charge (NoC) within 24 hours if the case is finalised and the claimant logs in to complete the history statement immediately upon notification. NoCs are expected to be delivered electronically, avoiding the delays previously experienced with postal services.

Whilst it is hoped that the majority of straightforward cases will be managed through the new system, we will continue to provide operator assisted service for the more complex matters.

We are seeking to deliver the new system by early 2016 and would like to seek input from interested industry participants (insurers and lawyers) to help design and advise on industry needs. We would like to start state based industry meetings in mid-February.

If you are interested in contributing to the new system, please email your details to

Page last updated: 25 January 2016

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