Centrelink compensation information for solicitors and insurers

Solicitors and insurers can get more information on compensation, including forms, publications, and legislation.


The compensation estimator assists our customers and their legal advisers to estimate the impact of a pending compensation claim.

Read more about the compensation estimator.


The Social Security Act 1991 - Section 17, Part 3.14: Compensation Recovery on the Department of Social Services website contains information relevant to compensation.


Solicitors, insurance companies, and people paying compensation can use the following forms to notify us about compensation payments:

If you are paying periodic payment arrears with a lump sum, fill in the advice of periodic compensation payments form.


Solicitors can view the Compensation Kit booklet.

Organisational Nominee Online Services

Organisations can use our online services to do business with us, both for themselves and on behalf of the people for whom they act as nominee.

Read more about Organisational Nominee Online Services.

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Page last updated: 17 February 2017