Employment status verification

We may ask employers to help verify an employee’s or job seeker's employment status. We use this information to make sure people receive the correct payments.

We have authority to get information from employers under section 192 of the Social Security (Administration) Act 1999.

Employment Verification Reports

If we send you a Request for information – Employment verification letter with a questionnaire, you can choose to complete the questionnaire online. Read more about Employment Verification Reports.

Employer Contact Certificates

A job seeker may ask you to sign an Employer Contact Certificate to verify their job search efforts.

Employer Contact Certificates help us determine job seekers’ eligibility for payments. To qualify for a Newstart Allowance or Youth Allowance, job seekers must actively look for and accept any work they are capable of doing. This includes full time, part time, casual, and temporary work.

We issue certificates to some job seekers receiving these payments. They will then ask a potential employer to sign the certificate to verify they have made a genuine attempt to find work. They will then return the certificate to us.

You are not obliged to sign the certificate.

Employment Separation Certificates

We may ask for information about someone who has left your employment, decreased their working hours or changed from full time to casual work. Read more about Employment Separation Certificates.

Requests for employee information

We may ask you to complete a report to verify details about a past or present employee. This helps to make sure they receive correct payments or services from us. Read more about requests for employee information.

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