Redundancy information for employers

We can assist you in providing support and information to staff facing redundancy or retrenchment.

Your obligations

You need to give us written notice if you plan to dismiss 15 or more of your employees. The Fair Work Act 2009 requires you to notify us as soon as possible after making the decision and before dismissing any employees.

How we can help you through this process

The National Business Gateway is a contact centre dedicated to making it easier for the Australian business community to do business with us. We can help you meet your obligations if your business is retrenching employees.

Our Financial Information Service helps affected workers make informed decisions about investment and financial issues. We can help organise sessions with our Financial Information Service officers for employees facing redundancy. You can include your request in your notification to us or you can contact our Financial Information Service on 132 300. If you call us, say Financial Information Service when prompted.

What you need to provide

If you are considering a redundancy or retrenchment measure, you need to provide us with:

  • the name of your company and registered address, and
  • the number of affected employees and employment types

Submit your notification

To provide this information, use the Notice to the Department of Human Services of proposed dismissals [rtf, 60kb]. You can copy the notice to your company's letterhead.

Submit the form to the National Business Gateway by:

If you need help completing the above notification, contact the National Business Gateway on 131 158.

Help for individuals

Tell affected workers to contact us and register for employment services even if they are not eligible for income support payments. Employees can register for employment services on 132 850. We can help them access jobactive, Disability Employment Services or the Community Development Programme.

Read more about support we can provide individuals who may be retrenched or made redundant.

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