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Financial information comes in all languages

Our Financial Information Service (FIS) seminars are so popular that even large halls get packed wall to wall.

That happened to Rabia last year in Sydney. When the long standing FIS Officer gave a talk about the changes to the pension assets test, almost 200 people turned up.

Rabia’s talk was even more distinctive because an interpreter was helping Rabia deliver her talk to a hall full of Mandarin speakers.

“I find it is more effective in their own language,” said Rabia. “It’s removing that barrier and they feel more comfortable. They also feel free to ask questions.”

FIS Officers give many talks to community groups, often with interpreters. Rabia feels strongly that everyone, no matter their level of English, should have access to financial information.

“We don’t want them to be left behind,” she said. “We want them to know how to boost their nest egg.”

FIS seminars are free. FIS Officers can tailor their talks to cover what the audience wants to know. For example, the University of the Third Age regularly invites a FIS Officer to visit. That helps keep their members up to date on changes to payments, income and assets.

FIS Officers give a range of seminars in locations all around Australia throughout the year. Topics include:

  • superannuation
  • approaching retirement
  • Age Pension
  • aged care
  • investing in property
  • investing in shares

Next steps

Find out when our seminars are in your area. You can even ask for a FIS Officer to visit your group by calling our FIS phone line.

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