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Natural disaster support - Commonwealth Disaster Recovery Allowance

The Social Security Legislation Amendment (Disaster Recovery Allowance) Bill has been introduced into Parliament.

Description of the measure

The Social Security Legislation Amendment (Disaster Recovery Allowance) Bill has been introduced into Parliament. If passed, the Disaster Recovery Allowance will replace the existing ex-gratia Disaster Income Recovery Subsidy.

The new Disaster Recovery Allowance will be legislated in the Social Security Act and from 1 October 2013, the Government will have the option of making the payment available following a major disaster of national significance.

The purpose of the payment is to provide short term income support to eligible Australians who have had their pre-disaster income temporarily affected as a result of a major disaster, subject to income testing.

The Disaster Recovery Allowance will provide a fortnightly payment equivalent to the maximum rate of Newstart Allowance or Youth Allowance depending on the individual’s circumstances, for up to 13 weeks.

Questions and answers

Who will be affected by this measure?

This payment may be made available to individuals including employees, primary producers and sole traders who can demonstrate they have experienced a loss of income as a direct result of a declared major disaster.

Am I eligible for this measure?

The eligibility criteria for this payment will be set upon activation of the payment, and may vary between disasters.  

When will this measure start and finish?

The new Disaster Recovery Allowance is expected to commence on 1 October 2013.  It will be available when the Minister for Emergency Management makes a determination of a Part 2.23B major disaster.

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