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Improving Disability Employment Services

This measure introduces a new Disability Employment Services (DES) program model.

Information update: This Budget measure is not subject to the passage of legislation.

Description of the measure

This measure introduces a new Disability Employment Services (DES) program model.

DES provides specialised employment services for people whose disability, injury or health condition is their main barrier to employment.

The new DES model will:

  • improve DES participants’ choice and control, including allowing participants to change DES providers more easily
  • increase competition between providers
  • strengthen performance with a new funding model, and
  • introduce indexed provider payments in order to maintain the real value of financial supports.

In addition to these changes, a trial will commence in 2018-19 to provide access to DES to a broader range of children with disability in the final years of schooling.

The trial will involve up to 1,000 students volunteering for DES assistance in order to evaluate if DES support can increase the number who successfully transition from school to work.

Questions and answers

Whom does this measure affect?

This measure will affect DES participants.

What date will this measure start and finish?

This measure starts 1 July 2018 and is ongoing.

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