Indigenous Apprenticeships Programme – Alix

I’m Alix, a young Aboriginal woman from Canberra and I work in Indigenous Affairs at the Department of Defence.

After finishing school, I worked in youth work for 4 years before joining the Department of Human Services as an Indigenous trainee. My sister in law also works in the Australian Public Service (APS) and encouraged me to apply for the Indigenous Apprenticeships Programme (IAP) 2014 intake.

While I was already working in the APS, I was keen to keep progressing, so I was thrilled to get a position in the IAP 2015 intake. I’m currently working as an APS 3 and I’ll progress to an APS 4 when I finish the IAP.

I’m always looking for more learning opportunities and am excited about obtaining my Diploma in Government through the IAP. I’ve found some of the study challenging at times, so my manager gives me dedicated time to complete the training modules and I’ve formed a study group with some of the other apprentices so we can help each other get through the course work.

My manager is amazing. She has been really supportive and provides me with lots of opportunities to learn. When I first started, we spent time working out my strengths and weaknesses - since then my manager has given me tasks to help me improve in areas like writing.

My friends and family have also supported me while I work towards completing the IAP. My Mum and other family members didn’t get the same opportunities I’ve already had, at such a young age. They are really proud of me.

I’ve also received a lot of support from my colleagues and my Indigenous buddy who was matched with me at the beginning of the IAP.

The IAP offers full time employment with a good salary, flexible studying options, access to mentors, the opportunity to join Defence’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network (DATSIN) and at the end I am guaranteed to continue working in the department.

When I complete the IAP, I’d love to stay working in my current section as it’s very people oriented and I’m a people person.

This IAP has been great from a career perspective and I’ve found working in Indigenous Affairs very rewarding. I’d recommend the IAP to anyone.

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