Personal information releases

You can request information releases from Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support for you or an authorised person.


To request information about Medicare claims for an individual or family from more than 3 years ago, complete the Request for Medicare claims information form.

To request information about Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme claims for an individual or family from more than 5 years ago, complete the Request for Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme claims information form.

Child Support

Certain provisions in the Child Support legislation require Child Support to provide protected information about a customer to a person other than that customer.

Requests for information from the Child Support Program can be sent to:

Read more about protected information in The Guide – 6.3.3: CSA secrecy provisions on the Department of Social Services website.


You can consent to the release of Centrelink information we have about you such as:

  • the type and amount of Centrelink payments you receive. Some Centrelink payments may not be included
  • employment income details for a specified period
  • medical information including medical certificate information and medical reports
  • other specific information or documents

You can also give consent for a third party such as an individual’s legal representative or superannuation fund, insurer to request your personal information directly from us.

Requests for release of information to third parties

You must complete the Authority to Release Personal Information Personal Injury, Insurance, Superannuation or Other Matter form (SI039) and return it to the third party. It must be signed and dated within the past 12 months.

Submit your request

You can submit your request by:


You can make enquiries by email

Other ways to request information about us

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