Taskforce Integrity

The Taskforce identifies people who deliberately withhold or provide false information to claim welfare payments.

The Australian Government launched Taskforce Integrity to detect and target geographic areas where data analysis points to a higher risk of non-compliance and suspected welfare fraud.

The Taskforce is led by Australian Federal Police (AFP) Assistant Commissioner, Andrea Quinn, who has a distinguished record for investigating organised crime and serious fraud. Her leadership strengthens our existing detection and investigative processes for non-compliance and welfare fraud.

The Taskforce targets locations across Australia based on information from a number of sources, where our intelligence shows customers may be receiving an incorrect payment or committing welfare fraud.

Partnerships between agencies will be strengthened to effectively pursue matters beyond welfare fraud that are identified by Taskforce investigations.

How you can help the taskforce

If you’re getting a payment and deliberately don’t tell us about changes, you could be charged with fraud. Read more about how to avoid committing fraud.

If you suspect someone you know is committing welfare fraud, you can anonymously report them. Read more about how to report suspected fraud.

Media releases

Media releases in relation to Taskforce Integrity.

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