About the BasicsCard

The BasicsCard is a PIN protected card that allows you to access your income managed money through existing EFTPOS facilities at approved stores and businesses.

The BasicsCard is a reusable, Personal Identification Number (PIN) protected card. You can use your BasicsCard to buy things you need such as food, clothes, health items and hygiene products at a variety of approved stores and businesses.

We’ve listened to your feedback and we are making your income managed money easier to access. Read more about the improvements to BasicsCard.

Using your BasicsCard

Watch the video to find out how to use your BasicsCard and keep your BasicsCard safe.

Getting a BasicsCard

We will offer you a BasicsCard when you start Income Management and will talk to you about how to use it.

Check your BasicsCard balance

You can check your BasicsCard balance by:

Calls to the BasicsCard balance checking line are now free from a Telstra mobile.

Businesses accepting the BasicsCard

You can use your BasicsCard at approved stores and businesses that display this BasicsCard sticker.

Find approved BasicsCard stores and businesses in your area

For assistance or more information, call the Income Management Line on Freecall™ 1800 132 594.

BasicsCard kiosk locations

Northern Territory

Region Location Address
Alice Springs Yeperenye Shopping Centre 36-38 Hartley Street
Alice Springs
Northern Territory, 0870
Alice Springs Northside Foodland IGA 3 Hearn Place
Alice Springs
Northern Territory, 0870
Alice Springs Alice Springs Coles Corner of Gregory Terrace and Bath Street
Alice Springs
Northern Territory, 0870
Bathurst Island Nguiu Ullintjini Association Wurrumiyanga
Bathurst Island
Northern Territory, 0822
Casuarina Casuarina Square Shopping Centre 247 Trower Road
Northern Territory, 0810
Casuarina Casuarina Village Shopping Centre 54 Bradshaw Terrace
Northern Territory, 0810
Karama Karama Shopping Plaza 37 Kalymnos Drive
Northern Territory, 0812
Katherine Oasis Shopping Centre Katherine Terrace
Northern Territory, 0850
Palmerston Palmerston Shopping Centre Temple Terrace
Northern Territory, 0830
Wadeye Murrinpatha Nimmipa Store Wadeye Community
Northern Territory, 0822

Alternative payment methods

You can do your shopping anywhere. If a store does not accept the BasicsCard, you can contact us to organise a payment to be made directly to that store.

What cannot be purchased using the BasicsCard

You can use your BasicsCard to buy most things except excluded goods and services. Excluded goods and services are:

  • alcohol
  • pornography
  • tobacco and tobacco products
  • gambling products
  • gambling services
  • home-brew kits and home-brew concentrates

You also cannot use your BasicsCard for:

  • cash out from a store or ATM
  • book-up - a credit offered by stores and other traders for the purchase of goods or services, usually in remote and regional areas of Australia
  • gift card or vouchers that allow access to one of the above items

If you get a refund for items you bought using your BasicsCard, the money will be refunded back onto your BasicsCard. You cannot get a cash refund.

Putting income managed money onto your BasicsCard

We will talk to you about putting some of your income-managed money on your BasicsCard. Money can be put on your BasicsCard every fortnight when you get your Centrelink payments. You can also have extra money put on your BasicsCard from your Income Management account at any time using self service, see our online guides or contact us on Freecall™ 1800 132 594 from 8 am to 5 pm, 7 days a week, including public holidays.

Using the BasicsCard outside an Income Management area

There are stores and businesses across Australia where you can use your BasicsCard. You need to talk to us before you travel, to ensure that you can access your income managed money while you are away. We can provide you with a list of stores closest to where you will be staying that accept the BasicsCard. Remember to take your BasicsCard with you when you travel.

Find approved BasicsCard stores and businesses in your area

Keeping your PIN safe

Your BasicsCard is protected with a four-digit PIN. You will need to choose a PIN when you are issued with your BasicsCard. You must keep your PIN secret and secure. This means that you do not:

  • tell anyone else your PIN, including family and friends
  • write your PIN on your BasicsCard or on anything carried with your BasicsCard
  • let anyone else see your PIN when you are using it
  • let anyone else use your BasicsCard

If someone has your BasicsCard and knows your PIN, they could spend all of your money. If you forget your PIN, call the Income Management Line on Freecall™ 1800 132 594.

Keep your BasicsCard safe:

  • do not throw your BasicsCard away
  • remember to take your BasicsCard when you leave a store
  • keep your BasicsCard in your BasicsCard wallet

Lost, stolen, or damaged BasicsCards

If your BasicsCard is lost, stolen, or damaged, call the Income Management Line on Freecall™ 1800 132 594, as soon as possible. This line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will stop anyone else from using your BasicsCard and will talk to you about how to get access to your income managed money until you get a new BasicsCard.

Read the terms and conditions for the BasicsCard.

Page last updated: 24 June 2016

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