Add a new Centrepay deduction using your Centrelink online account

This guide provides a step by step process for adding a new Centrepay deduction.

Centrepay is a free and voluntary bill paying service which allows you to pay bills directly from your Centrelink payments.

If you are receiving an eligible payment you can nominate to have amounts deducted directly from your payment for bills such as private rent, gas, water, electricity, council rates, ambulance services, telephone, education fees, funeral benefit schemes, legal fees, whitegoods and medical expenses. For more information visit the Centrepay site.

You can start, change or cancel Centrepay deductions at any time, to suit your own personal circumstance: The easiest way to do this is by accessing your Centrelink account online.

For assistance with suspending, cancelling or changing the details of a current Centrepay deduction refer to the separate step by step guides.

To add a Centrepay deduction you will require:

  • Your Service Provider’s details (Name or Centrelink Reference Number (CRN) – always starts with “555”)
  • Your account reference with the Service Provider
  • The amount you want deducted from your Centrelink payment each fortnight
  • The Centrelink payment from which you want the deduction to be paid
  • The date that you want the deduction to start

Step 1

Once logged in, you will be presented with your account homepage. Regular transactions will be displayed on this page. To access the full menu select the icon in the top left of the page.

screenshot displaying your welcome page

Step 2

Select the ‘Deductions’ menu item on the left hand side of the screen, then select ‘View/Add/Change Deductions’.

Step 3

The ‘Deduction summary’ page displays a summary of any current Centrepay arrangements that you have in place.

You can select the link under ‘Payment To’ to display full details of the current deduction.

To add your new deduction, select the ‘Add Centrepay or Tax deduction’ button.

screenshot displaying deduction summary

Step 4

‘About this service’ provides full details about the Centrepay Service.

You can also use this service if you wish to have tax deducted from your payments.

screenshot displaying about this service

Step 5

To add a new deduction you will need to have all required information.

Click on the Find a business or organisation hyperlink if you do not have the service provider's reference number (CRN).

If you have all the required information available and are ready to proceed select ‘Start Now’.

screenshot displaying what you will need to use this service

Step 6

Choose the deduction type you wish to commence and then select ‘Continue’.

screenshot displaying how to choose deduction type

Step 7

If the service provider you wish to use is available from the list, select their name and then select ‘Continue’.

screenshot displaying how to search for service provide

Step 8

If the service provider is not listed select ‘Search for service provider’ and a question set will display.

Having the Service Provider’s Centrelink Reference Number (CRN) (this number always starts with 555) will ensure that your Centrepay deduction is set up correctly. If you are unsure of the Service provider’s CRN, you can contact the service provider or us.

Fill in the details you have available and then select ‘Continue’

screenshot displaying search for service provider screen

Step 9

A list of possible providers that match the details entered will be displayed.

Select the correct provider and then select ‘Continue’

screenshot displaying search result

Step 10

You will need to enter all of the details for your deduction. All fields with a red asterisk must be completed.

Your Account reference number is important to ensure your deduction is correctly received. If you are unsure what your Account reference number may be, please contact your Service provider.

screenshot displaying add deduction details

Step 11

Optional fields are available if you wish to select an end date for the deduction or a target amount. Deductions will cease when this date or amount is reached.

These fields can be completed or left blank.

Once all the deduction details have been entered select ‘Continue’.

screenshot displaying final payment or cease payment fields

Step 12

The ‘Review and Submit’ page will provide a summary of all the details you have just entered.

Read through this information carefully to make sure it is all correct.

screenshot displaying review and submit details

Step 13

Read through the declaration details carefully. This declaration includes authorisation for Centrelink to make the nominated deductions.

If all the details you have provided are correct ‘accept the declaration’. You can then select ‘Submit’.

screenshot displaying declaration information

Step 14

If your update has been successful, you will receive a message confirming the action. You will also be given a receipt number.

This is confirmation that your new Centrepay deduction has been added. You only need to make further contact if you receive a message specifically advising to contact Centrelink.

You should check with your Service provider when your first Centrepay deduction is made to make sure it has been received.

screenshot displaying add deductions details

Step 15

The receipt page will also display details of your future payments.

You can select ‘Print this page’ so you have a record of your updated details. You can choose ‘Return to Deduction Summary’ to see all of your remaining Centrepay deductions.

Select ‘Return Home’ to continue using your online account.

screenshot displaying your future payments

Step 16

You are back to your Centrelink online account homepage, from here you are ready to start accessing your Centrelink account online.

Remember to log off from your Centrelink online account when you are finished.

Log out screen

You can find other online account guides and video demonstrations on the online account guides page.

Page last updated: 17 February 2017