Add new study details using your Centrelink online account

This guide outlines how to tell of us of any new study details for Youth Allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY and Pensioner Education Supplement.

You can add new study or course details using your Centrelink online account.

There are a number of other updates you can tell us of, including:

  • updating the details of your current studies including study load, contact hours per week and student ID
  • changing the end date of your current studies
  • removing future study details if your plans change

Learn how to update your study details using your Centrelink online account.

Step 1 Sign in

Once you have signed into myGov and selected your Centrelink online account, you can access your study details from the menu, or via the my profile tile on your account homepage.

screen shot of Centrelink Online account front page

Step 2 Study card

Select the Study card in the personal section of your profile.

screen shot

Step 3 Add course

You can now view and edit your current, past and future study details.

If you need help at any time, select the question mark icon to access the help menu.

If you need to update or remove your current study details there is a different process. Learn how to update your study details using your Centrelink online account.

screen shot

To add future study details, select Add a new course


Step 4 Course details

You need to indicate how much information you can tell us about your study plan.

Select an option that best suits your situation. Options include:

  • If you know the full details of your new course, select this option and continue on with the additional questions that appear
  • If you only know the start date of your course, select this option and go to step 7

Enter in your study or course details.

If you need help you can select the highlighted text for more information, or select the question mark icon to access the help menu.

The end date is when you’re are expected to finish course. This is usually the date of your final exam. If you are adding a new course, you may be required to estimate the end date of the whole course or degree. We will contact you 4 weeks before this date to confirm it is still correct. If, before then, you find out your course end date has changed, you will need to tell us. You can do this by following the steps in our update your study details online guide.

Example: John is studying a 3 year bachelor degree that started in February 2015 and is scheduled to finish in November 2017. According to his institution’s academic calendar, the 2017 exam period finishes on 14 November. John should enter this date. He may be able to update the information later on, once he has confirmed the final exam date for his degree.

You can select Cancel or go Back if you have made a mistake or no longer want to make an update.

Enter the details in the areas provided, then select Next.

Step 5 Institution details

Select the State/Territory your course is being run in from the drop down box.

You will need to search for and select the relevant Educational Institution for your course. Enter the name, or part of the name, of the institution you will be studying at, then select Find.

A list of results will appear. Select your institution, select Next and continue on to step 6.

If the search does not find your institution, select the checkbox advising you would like to proceed with the search entry you have typed, then select Next and continue on to step 8.

Step 6 Campus details

Select the campus you will be attending, then select Next and go to Step 8.

Step 7 Course start date

If you only know the start date of your course, you only need to provide us with the date. Select the calendar icon or manually type in your start date, then select Next and continue on to step 8.

Step 8 Review and submit

A summary of the details you have just provided will be shown.

Read the details on this page carefully.

If all the information is correct, accept the declaration and select Submit.

Step 9 Receipt

We will provide a Receipt ID as confirmation that your study details have been submitted successfully. You only need to make further contact if you receive a message specifically telling you to contact us.

A summary of the information you have provided can be displayed by selecting Information you provided.

You can print a copy of this page for your records by selecting the printer icon.

Select Finish to return to your account homepage.

Step 10 Sign out

Once you are back at your homepage, you can complete other transactions.

Select Return to myGov to return to your mygov account.

For your privacy and security, ensure you sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

View other online account guides and video demonstrations about using your online account.

Page last updated: 25 November 2016