Austudy when you reach age pension age

Austudy can continue to be paid to people who are over age pension age.

However, you may choose to transfer to Age Pension.

When you reach age pension age, you need to tell us in your application to transfer to Age Pension:

  • if you want to continue to receive Austudy or transfer to Age Pension
  • about any superannuation you have

Once you reach age pension age, the Pension Supplement will be automatically paid to you with your regular fortnightly payment. The supplement replaces your separate additional payments of:

Benefits if you transfer to Age Pension include:

However, any unused credit in your income bank will be lost if you transfer to Age Pension, as the Age Pension does not have an income bank.

Read more about how to transfer to Age Pension.

Page last updated: 21 March 2016

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