Child Support Info Service

Child Support Info Service is an automated telephone information system that provides information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week about your child support account.

An automated telephone system that provides information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week about your child support account.

This service uses speech recognition. This means you simply speak into the phone when asked a question instead of using the telephone keypad. You can still use your telephone keypad if you prefer.

This service is available if you receive child support and we collect your payments.

To use the service you need your Child Support Reference Number (CSRN) and personal identification number (PIN).

Using Child Support Info Service

You can access the service from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call. Higher rates may apply for calls from mobile and public phones.

Before you call

Before you call you should have:

  • your 12 digit CSRN, which you can find on top of letters we have sent you
  • your 4 digit PIN, and
  • a pen

When you call

When you call the Child Support Info Service on 131 107 you should:

  • speak naturally, you don't need to slow down or overemphasise words
  • make the call from a quiet place so your answers can be heard clearly, and
  • listen to the welcome message and menu each time you call, as options may change

When you're asked:

  1. follow the prompts
  2. say your CSRN, and
  3. key your PIN - you can say it if you prefer but we recommend keying for your privacy

If you were given a temporary PIN, you will be prompted to change it before being offered other options. Simply follow the directions to create your new PIN.

Once you have entered your CSRN and PIN, you'll be provided with details about your next child support payment.

You'll then be asked which service you want to access. For example, you can say last payment to hear details of the last payment you received.

Forgotten your PIN

If you have forgotten your PIN, it can be reset:

  • using your Child Support online account through myGov - ask for your PIN to be reset by submitting a general enquiry using the Contact us menu option
  • over the phone - call us on 131 272 during business hours; you will need your CSRN

Change your PIN?

If you remember your current PIN you can change it by using the menu options:

  • say change my PIN
  • choose any 4 digit number for your new PIN

For security reasons, we recommend you change your PIN regularly.

Account security

When you access your information, you will be prompted for your CSRN and your PIN.

We will assume that any transaction using your CSRN and PIN was undertaken by you. Only you should know your PIN. It is important that you keep your PIN confidential and don’t let any other person use it.

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Page last updated: 25 January 2016