Child support and military deployment

When you leave Australia on military deployment, a number of things will change that we need to know about.

This is so we can make sure your child support assessment is accurate.

Telling us

You need to tell us you’re being deployed and make sure we have your correct details. If you don’t tell us about your deployment you might pay too much child support, fall behind in your payments, build up a debt or not receive the correct amount.

Make sure you tell us all relevant details, such as:

  • changes to your mailing address
  • your expected deployment period
  • potential income changes
  • your best contact details, and
  • if the care arrangements for your child will change

If you don’t have much time to talk to us before you go, you can nominate a representative to talk to us on your behalf. Complete a Child Support representative authority form and contact us to discuss what your representative will be authorised to do on your behalf.

You can also update your details using your Child Support online account through myGov.

Telling the other parent

We won’t tell the other parent that you’ve been deployed. We don’t pass personal information on unless it’s required by law or necessary to make a decision that affects them.

Keeping us up to date

To avoid your payment being delayed unnecessarily or transferred into the wrong account, always tell us about:

  • changes to your address and contact details, and
  • changes to your bank account details

You can make child support payments while outside Australia by credit or debit card, mail or electronic banking.

Before you leave Australia, you should:

  • lodge any outstanding tax returns to make sure you don’t pay the wrong amount or build up a child support debt
  • register a child support agreement with us if you and the other parent can reach an agreement about child support for your child
  • set up employer deductions for your payments, if you have a registered case with us, and
  • apply for a change of assessment, if your circumstances fall within the 10 reasons for changing your assessment in special circumstances

Page last updated: 9 December 2016

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