Claim a payment online using your Centrelink online account

Learn how to make a claim for some of our payments using your Centrelink online account.

You can claim a number of payments online. Learn which Centrelink payments you can claim online.

Step 1: Log on

Once you have signed on to myGov and selected your Centrelink online account, select the Online Claims tile on your online account homepage.

Step 2: Select a category

Select the category which best describes your circumstances by hovering over the coloured tile. You can select from:

  • Looking for work
  • Student, trainee and apprentice
  • Seniors
  • Concession cards
  • Disaster
  • Families
  • Help after someone has died
  • Essential Medical Equipment payment
  • Low income supplement, or
  • something else

Once you have selected the category, select Get started.


In this guide, we will apply for Newstart Allowance as part of the Looking for work category.

Step 3: About you

Read the information specific to the payment you want to claim.

Basic eligibility questions will appear for you to answer. Indicate your answers and confirm you have read and understood the information on this page. Select Claim now.

Step 4: Intention to claim

If you have contacted us about this payment in the past, we would have noted your intention to claim for up to 14 days in order to backdate your pay. If it has been more than 14 days since you first contacted us, we will prompt you to tell us why so that we can assess if we can still backdate your pay.

Once you have answered the questions, select Next.

Step 5: I understand

We will use information you have previously supplied to us to fill in much of your claim. Review the details we have. If you understand this, select I Understand.

Review the details we have. If they are incorrect, select Update Section and update the details.

Once your personal information is correct, select Accept.

Step 6: Claim information

Your claim will be broken down into sections. In each section we will ask you a number of questions to confirm your eligibility. The sections include:

  • Your residence
  • Your situation
  • Your finances

Once you answer the questions in each section, select Next.

If you need to update your answers to previous questions, select back to return to the previous screen.

When you have completed the questions within each section, the icon on the left hand side of the screen will turn green and appear with a tick.

Step 7: Review and submit

After you answer the questions in each section, you will be asked to review the answers you’ve provided.

Select Update to make changes to each section as necessary.

If the information you’ve provided is correct, select my obligations and read the terms and conditions.

Once you have read and understood my obligations tick the check box in the Declaration, then select Submit.

Your claim is now submitted.

For some payments you may need to book an appointment or submit additional forms to support your claim.

If you are claiming a payment that requires additional activities, an information box will appear. To begin the process of providing supporting information, select Continue.

Step 8: Additional information

If you’re prompted to book an appointment, select Book Appointment.

Follow the prompts to book an appointment at a time that suits you. We will tell you which local service centre to attend.

Once you have selected an appointment date and time, you will have to provide us with your preferred contact number. Once you have provided this information, select Book Appointment.

We will confirm once your appointment has been successfully booked.

Select Print to print this page.

Select Close to exit.

Select Back to claim to continue to provide us with supporting information.

Step 9: Upload documents

If you are required to provide us with supporting information we will provide you with a list of documents or forms you’re required to complete to support your claim.

You can submit documents using your Centrelink online account. Select Upload documents to begin this process.

Step 10: Finish

Once you have provided us with all your supporting information, your claim is now complete. Select Finish.

Select View claim summary to review your claim and supporting information

Select Back to resupply us with your supporting information.

Once your finish your claim, we will give you a Claim ID. This is a reference number for you if you need to contact us about this claim.

Select Back to return to the previous part of your claim

Select View Online Claims to view your claims history

Select Return to Online Services to return to the online account homepage.

Step 11: Sign out

Once you are back at your online account homepage you can complete many other transactions or you can return to your myGov account.

For your privacy and security, ensure you sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

You can find other online account guides and video demonstrations on the online account guides page.

Page last updated: 25 November 2016