Claiming Farm Household Allowance

The easiest way to claim Farm Household Allowance is online.

Before you start

Check if you're eligible for Farm Household Allowance.

Intent to claim

You should register an intent to claim for Farm Household Allowance as soon as possible. This will help you get paid from the earliest possible date.

You can claim Farm Household Allowance by calling the Farmer Assistance Hotline to register an intent to claim and to find out how to submit your claim.

To be paid from the date you registered an intent to claim, you need to submit your claim within 14 days.

Claiming options


You can claim Farm Household Allowance online. It is secure, convenient and easy to claim online.

If you already have a Centrelink online account

Log on to your Centrelink online account or sign in through myGov to make an online claim.


If you do not have a Centrelink online account

Read more about how to register.


If you need help to submit your claim you can contact a Rural Financial Counsellor on 1800 686 175. Read more about the Rural Financial Counselling Service on the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website.

Unable to claim online

If you are unable to claim online, for example you do not have access to the internet, you can claim Farm Household Assistance by form or by calling the Farmers Assistance Hotline.

By form

Complete the Claim for Farm Household Allowance form.

Supporting documents

You may need to provide some of these documents to support your claim. You need to present them at a service centre within 14 days of your intent to claim.


Property and real estate

Assets and liabilities

Income and financials

Submit your claim


If you’re claiming online, you can submit your claim and most supporting documents electronically at the end of the process. Read more about submitting your documents online.

By form

Submit your form and supporting documents within 14 days of advising your intent to claim:

  • by post to:

Department of Human Services
Rural and Climate Change Services
Reply Paid 7816

Claim outcome

We will tell you if your claim is successful and if any waiting periods apply.

You always have the right to appeal any decision we make. Read more about reviews and appeals.

Page last updated: 10 April 2017