Claiming Rent Assistance

You don't need to submit a separate claim for Rent Assistance. We'll assess you when you claim another payment or tell us your accomodation details have changed.

Use your Centrelink online account through myGov to:

  • tell us your accommodation details have changed - you can also do this by calling us or at a service centre
  • provide proof that you pay rent – we may ask you to complete and submit a Rent Certificate

Submit your documents

Submit your Rent Certificate and formal written tenancy agreement:

Claim outcome

We will tell you if you are eligible for Rent Assistance in the letter we send you about your claim outcome for another payment. This letter will also tell you when your payment will start and how much you will be paid. If you are already receiving a Centrelink payment and we start to pay you rent assistance you will receive a letter telling you when your rent assistance will start and how much you will be paid.

You always have the right to appeal any decision we make. Read more about reviews and appeals.

Page last updated: 6 December 2016