Collection of child support payments by us - Child Support Collect

We can collect and transfer child support payments for you.

Once we've made a child support assessment, accepted a child support agreement or registered a court order, we'll tell you how much child support needs to be paid.

Child Support Collect is where we collect payments from the paying parent and transfer the amount to the receiving parent.

Payment frequency and due date

The paying parent chooses whether to make weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. Payments are due 7 days after the chosen payment period.

Payments aren't in advance, which means that payments are for the past week, fortnight or month.

Paying parents who have a Child Support online account will receive their payer account statements electronically each month. A paper copy will be sent to paying parents who are not registered.

When payments are made

Receiving parents may receive a child support payment on any business day from the 8th of the month onwards. The exact date depends on when we receive the payment and how the payment is made by the other parent.

Receiving parents will be paid when:

  • the paying parent has made a payment for the previous payment period and we've received it
  • there's at least $5.00 available to transfer, and
  • the receiving parent’s account details are correct—that is, the branch number (BSB), the account number and the account name are correct

As a receiving parent, it's important to make sure your bank account details are correct. We may not be able to recover funds paid to an incorrect account.

We'll send payments to your nominated Australian bank account. We may be able to pay child support by cheque if you can't access an Australian bank account, such as if you live overseas.

If you want to know when you've received a child support payment, you can register for a Child Support online account through myGov and subscribe for email alerts.

How payments can be made

The paying parent has a range of different payment methods to choose from. Please note we don't accept cash payments.

To make sure payments are made correctly and without delay, always include your 16 digit payment reference number found on your payer account statement with your payments.

If you don't have your payment reference number or need more information about your payment options, call us.

Page last updated: 3 January 2017

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