Commonwealth supported place

A Commonwealth supported place is a higher education place where the Australian Government provides funding to the university towards the cost of your education.

You are a Commonwealth supported student if you meet the eligibility requirements and you are enrolled in a Commonwealth supported course. Commonwealth supported places are only available to domestic students. Most undergraduate students studying at a public university are enrolled in Commonwealth supported places.

If you are enrolled in a course as a Commonwealth supported student you will generally be required to contribute to the cost of your course through a student contribution. Your university sets the student contribution amount that you are required to pay for each course, which must not exceed an amount set by the Australian Government. If you are eligible, you may be able to use a HECS-HELP loan to help pay your student contribution.

If you are not enrolled in a course as a Commonwealth supported student, you will be required to pay the tuition fee your university has set. You may be eligible for a FEE-HELP loan. For more information, see the Australian Government's Study Assist website.

Page last updated: 24 February 2016