Confirmation of identity

For most of our payments, you must confirm your identity when claiming.

To confirm your identity, you must provide an original document for each of the following:

  • verification of your birth or arrival in Australia, such as a birth certificate, visa or citizenship certificate
  • a photographic document with security features, such as an Australian driver’s licence or proof of age card
  • a state or local government or non-government document, such as a fishing licence or a bank ATM card

The documents must not be photocopies. The confirming your identity form lists the documents you can use.

You need to provide different identification documents for each of the 3 requirements.

Where possible, we will use the documents you provide to progress your claim. However, you may need to provide more documents to be eligible for some payments or services.

You may not need to provide documents if you have previously met the identity requirements.

Contact us if you have trouble getting these documents.

Definition of a partner

We need to know if you are single or a member of a couple when considering your eligibility for a payment.

Read more about definition of a partner

Page last updated: 5 February 2016