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Early release of super to help a dependant

You can apply for early release of super to help your partner, child or other dependant. It must be for compassionate grounds.

You can’t apply for early release of super to help with someone else’s mortgage.

Partner or child

What this means

Your partner can be:

  • the person you’re legally married to
  • the partner you live with

Your child can be:

  • your biological child
  • your adopted child
  • your stepchild

Documents we need

For your partner

We need:

  • your marriage certificate, or
  • a document that shows you live together as partners - this could be a joint bank statement or a phone, power or water bill

For your child

We need:

  • their birth certificate showing you as a parent
  • documents showing you as their guardian

Other dependant

What this means

Another person can be a dependant if the 2 of you:

  • live together
  • have a close tie that includes:
    • financial support
    • domestic support
    • caring for each other

Documents we need

We need:

  • a statutory declaration
  • documents that show you live at the same address - this could be a joint bank statement or a phone, power or water bill

What to put in the statutory declaration

You can declare:

  • if you jointly own a house or belongings
  • if you jointly care for and support children
  • how much emotional support you give each other
  • how long the relationship has lasted
  • how committed you both are to it
  • how you present it to other people
  • how much it’s about convenience
  • if you both see it as permanent

What may be different

You’re living apart for now

You can still apply if you or your dependant is:

  • working in another state or country for a short time
  • in prison
  • getting care for disability - this can be physical, intellectual or psychiatric
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