Disability Medical Assessment

To help us determine if you are eligible for Disability Support Pension, we may refer you for a Disability Medical Assessment with a Government-contracted doctor.

Your referral for an assessment

Any new claim for Disability Support Pension (DSP) may be referred for a Disability Medical Assessment as a compulsory part of the application process.

Customers selected for a DSP medical risk based review may be referred for a Disability Medical Assessment as a compulsory part of the review process.

The Disability Medical Assessment is not an assessment of your work capacity but an assessment of your medical conditions and their functional impact which form the basis of medical eligibility of DSP.

Disability Medical Assessment Services will contact you to schedule an appointment.

A Government-contracted doctor will conduct your assessment. All Government-contracted doctors are qualified and trained to carry out these assessments. The Government-contracted doctor conducting the assessment may contact your usual doctor or specialist for more information.

There is no cost for this assessment.

If you cannot attend an assessment

It is important that you attend your assessment appointment and only reschedule if there is an exceptional reason. If you cannot attend the appointment, you must call Disability Medical Assessment Services no later than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Call 1300 851 756 between 8 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday.  

You must call in advance of the appointment if you need to reschedule.

You should also contact Disability Medical Assessment Services if you have:

  • any difficulty attending your appointment, for example, because of mobility issues
  • any special requirements, for example, you prefer to be interviewed by a male or female doctor because of your cultural or religious beliefs

If you do not attend your appointment, and you do not contact in advance to let Disability Medical Assessment Services know you cannot attend, your claim for Disability Support Pension will be rejected. If the assessment was part of your review, your payment may be stopped.

At your assessment

The Government-contracted doctor will talk to you about your condition and the medical evidence you have given to support your claim or review to verify if the evidence demonstrates:

  • the medical conditions are permanent for the purpose of DSP qualification, and
  • the level of functional impairment resulting from any permanent medical conditions

Before your appointment, the Government-contracted doctor may have sought more information from your treating doctors or other specialists.

The Government-contracted doctor will not diagnose your condition, or provide any medical advice or treatment.

The length of the appointment will depend on your individual circumstances and the type of condition being assessed. Please allow an hour for your appointment.

After your assessment, the Government-contracted doctor will complete a report which helps us determine your medical eligibility for your claim or review of DSP. You will be contacted with the outcome of your review.

What to bring

You do not have to bring the information you have already provided with your claim or review.

If you have any new or extra documents about your medical conditions that you did not submit with your claim or your review you can bring them to the assessment.

Read more about the types of medical evidence you may need to bring to your assessment.

If you have concerns about your assessment

If you have concerns about any part of your assessment, you should first speak to the Government-contracted doctor. If the Government-contracted doctor does not resolve your concerns, you can provide feedback or make a complaint.

Your privacy and personal information

Government-contracted doctors are required to protect your privacy and provide a confidential service.

Contact us if you would like to request a copy of your report. We will let you know if you need to make a formal Freedom of Information request to get a copy of your report.

Read more about your right to privacy.

Page last updated: 11 October 2016

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