Disability Support Pension when you reach age pension age

You can transfer to Age Pension when you reach age pension age.

Just before you reach age pension age, we’ll ask you to complete a Transfer to Age Pension (SA383) form.

In the form, you need to tell us:

  • if you want to transfer to Age Pension or continue to get Disability Support Pension , and
  • about any superannuation you have

If you are registered with a Centrelink online account and subscribe to receive your letters online, we will ask you to transfer to Age Pension online.

Some things do not change whether you remain on Disability Support Pension or transfer to Age Pension. These include:

  • the rules to assess your permanent blindness, if applicable
  • your rate of payment and income and assets tests
  • your concession card
  • access to the Work Bonus
  • your payment being taxable

If you transfer to Age Pension:

  • you won’t need to meet medical eligibility requirements
  • you won’t need to have medical reviews, which include providing current medical evidence, which may be at your expense and attending a Job Capacity Assessment
  • the rules for Age Pension may be better if you want to travel outside Australia
  • you may have more land exempted from the assets test if your home is on a block of land larger than 2 hectares, and on 1 title

In some circumstances, you may be better off remaining on Disability Support Pension, these include:

Before you decide to transfer to Age Pension, check with external service providers if you’ll still be eligible for the services or concessions you currently receive.

Read more about how to transfer to Age Pension.

Page last updated: 24 October 2016

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