Eligibility for Rent Assistance

Find out if you are eligible for Rent Assistance.

You may be able to get Rent Assistance if you:

  • receive a pension - special rules apply if you are under 21 and receive Disability Support Pension
  • receive an allowance or benefit – special rules apply if you are under 25
  • receive more than the base rate of Family Tax Benefit

To be eligible for Rent Assistance, you must be paying more than the minimum amount of rent shown in the payment rates table for:

  • rent, other than to a state or territory housing authority
  • service and maintenance fees in a retirement village
  • lodging, if you pay for board and lodging but are unable to tell us exactly what you pay for each, two thirds of the amount you pay will be accepted
  • fees paid to use a caravan site or other accommodation that you occupy as your principal home
  • fees paid to moor a vessel you occupy as your principal home

Rent Assistance is generally not payable if you:

  • have a tenancy agreement or lease with a state or territory housing authority
  • own or are buying the home in which you live, except for mobile and relocatable homes
  • are a homeowner travelling away from your principal place of residence for less than 12 months
  • occupy an Australian Government subsidised bed in an approved residential aged care facility
  • have a partner who receives Rent Assistance with Family Tax Benefit or
  • receive an allowance and have a partner receiving Rent Assistance with their pension

Page last updated: 21 April 2016

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