Employment Services Assessments and Job Capacity Assessments

To work out the best employment services program or assistance for you we may refer you for an Employment Services Assessment or a Job Capacity Assessment.

To help us work out the best employment services program or other assistance for you, we may refer you for an Employment Services Assessment. If you are claiming or undergoing a review for Disability Support Pension (DSP), you may be referred for a Job Capacity Assessment.

Employment Services Assessments

An Employment Services Assessment helps work out the type of employment service or other assistance that can best help you to prepare for, find and maintain work.

This information will help us work out the most suitable support for you.

You may be referred for an Employment Services Assessment if you:

  • have medical conditions or other barriers to work
  • have a reduced work capacity, or
  • do not have participation requirements and are volunteering for employment services assistance

Job Capacity Assessments

A Job Capacity Assessment is used to help determine your medical eligibility for DSP.  It will determine the impact of your medical conditions or disability on your ability to work and whether you would benefit from employment assistance.

You may be referred for a Job Capacity Assessment if you:

  • are claiming DSP
  • are undergoing a review of your medical eligibility for DSP, or
  • have asked the department to determine your entitlement for indefinite portability of your DSP

If you can't attend or miss your appointment

If you are unable to attend, or miss your appointment due to an emergency, you must contact us as soon as possible on the telephone number listed with your appointment details. Another appointment will be arranged for you, if required.

Contact us prior to the appointment if you have:

  • any difficulty attending a face to face appointment, for example, because of mobility issues, or
  • any special requirements, for example, you prefer to be interviewed by an Assessor of a particular gender because of your cultural or religious beliefs

If you do not attend your appointment, your claim may be rejected or your payments may be stopped until you attend another appointment.

What to bring to your appointment

Please bring any information and documents about medical conditions that impact on your ability to work if you have not already provided them to us. These can include:

  • medical certificates or reports from your treating doctor this may include the Verification of medical conditions form if you need an Employment Services Assessment
  • specialist medical reports
  • medical imaging reports
  • hospital or outpatient records
  • compensation reports, and
  • details of any current or planned treatment

For Job Capacity Assessments to assess eligibility for DSP, your Assessor may require supporting medical evidence to determine how your condition or disability impacts on your ability to work. For example:

  • audiograms from your audiologist or ear, nose and throat specialist if you have hearing loss
  • reports from your ophthalmologist or optometrist if you have a visual impairment or are permanently blind
  • reports from your psychiatrist or clinical psychologist if you have a mental health condition, or
  • an assessment of intellectual function or assessment of adaptive behaviour from your psychologist or a report from your special school if you have an intellectual impairment

The assessment

Your assessment will be conducted by a health or allied health professional Assessor. All Assessors are appropriately qualified and trained. There is no charge for this service.

In most cases, your assessment will be conducted as a face to face appointment at a Centrelink Service Centre. In some circumstances, your appointment may take place over the phone or using video conference facilities. We will let you know the date, time and location of your appointment.

The length of time required to complete your appointment will vary according to your circumstances. Please allow up to an hour for your appointment.

You may attend this assessment with a support person of your choice. For example, you may invite a relative, friend or an advocate to the appointment.

At your appointment

The Assessor will discuss with you:

  • any medical conditions or other barriers that impact on your ability to find and keep a job
  • the detail and outcomes of any recent employment assistance or rehabilitation that you have received, and
  • any appropriate employment service or other support services to help improve your capacity to work

After your appointment

Your Assessor will complete a report that informs us, and your employment services provider if you have one, about your ability to work and any payments, support or services that may be suitable for you.

If appropriate, we will refer you to an employment service or other support to help you find and maintain work. Where possible, we will give you details about this referral at the completion of your appointment.

Your privacy and personal information

Assessors are required to protect your privacy and provide a confidential service. If you would like to request a copy of your report, please contact us. We will let you know whether you need to make a formal Freedom of Information request to get a copy of your report.

More information

For more information about Employment Services Assessments and Job Capacity Assessments:

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