Estimating your income for child support payments

Child support payments are based on an assessment of your adjusted taxable income from a previous year (last year of relevant income).

If your last year of relevant income is no longer an accurate reflection of your current income, you may be eligible to provide an estimate of your income for the current financial year if:

  • you have lodged your income tax return for the previous financial year and the Australian Taxation Office has assessed your income for that year, or
  • you have not lodged your income tax return for the previous financial year but you have declared your income to Child Support for that year, and
  • that income amount is used in your current child support assessment, and
  • your current adjusted taxable income has reduced by 15% or more than the income used in the child support assessment

You will need to update your estimate of income throughout the year if your circumstances change.

You may not be able to lodge an estimate if your child support assessment is based on one of the following:

  • a child support agreement
  • a determination made under the change of assessment process, or
  • a court order

You can provide an Estimate of income for use in Child Support Assessment form using your Child Support online account.

Page last updated: 18 August 2016

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